Songwriting at the Jars concert..

My best friend and I went to see Jars of Clay at the Hard Rock Cafe in DC this week.  One of the many reasons why they are my favorite band is that seeing them in concert  brings a lightness to my being.

Going to see them is like standing out in the healing cold… there are goosebumps on my arms, my hair stands up with electricity, and all of this loosens and raises right up off of my skin the weighty layers of stress.

Suzie brought two unicorns with us (whom she plans to travel with and blog about, think “travelocity gnome”), and we placed them on our table.  I’ll also mention that we were the front center table, less than 10 meters from the stage.  At one point, while singing a new song from their album Inland, Dan forgot the words… he said, “it’s hard to remember the words when you have a unicorn staring at you.”

Remembering words seems to be precisely what I do at these concerts, but I’m remembering words that I’ve never strung together before.  They are raised up right off of my skin, and I pin them down to the scrap of paper I’ve found in my purse.

How do we reconcile inner and outer worlds

Mistaking a balanced life for having become accustomed to unlevel ground

We adapt to easily navigate those rolling behavioral waves

I’m so good at it that I think it’s a flat plane

Praise the Lord for the ability to feel the pain

Of the paths that are wounding



One Response to “Songwriting at the Jars concert..”

  1. christjesusfollower Says:

    Nice post, funny and inspiring. 🙂

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